2016 Industrial Building Permits

2016 Industrial Building Permits SQ.FT Description Construction Value
Bridgestone Firestone   Install Structural Steel Mezzanine $250,000.00 
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada   Meeting Room Alteration $15,000.00 
Woodstock LC Holding Corp.   Interior Alterations for John Deere $270,000.00 
Viewcon Construction  8,500  Industrial Building Shell $400,000.00 
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada   Interior Alteration to Existing Plant $15,000.00 
Piret (1000 Ridgeway) Holdings 45,324  Industrial Building $2,500,000.00 
Bosman & Stevens Real Estate 8,580  Industrial Building $600,000.00 
Ontario Marihuana Growers   Enclose front face of building - Alter exterior $2,500,000.00
Kyjo Steel 17,330 2 Story Industrial Building $2,000,000.00
City of Woodstock   36ft x 42ft Fabric Coverall Building $98,000.00
Woodstock LC Holdings Canada   Free Standing Racking Storage System $283,644.44
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada   Creation of new team member break room $120,000.00
2371931 Ontario Inc 6,006 Building Shell Addition $500,000.00
Daymac Ventures Ltd 7,000 Addition to existing Industrial Building $900,000.00
2481242 Ontario Inc   Creation of new parking lot $60,000.00
Lightheart Holdings 4,898 Addition to rear of Dale's Kitchens $250,000.00
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada   Interior alterations for 2 new dock doors $215,000.00
Ontario Refridgerated Services   FNDN - Phase 1&2 cold storage facility $260,000.00
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada   Interior alters for new mezzanine $800,000.00
Ontario Refridgerated Services   SHELL - Phase 1 & 2 cold storage facility


2511396 Ontario Inc.   Phase 1 construction of refridgeraion


The City of Woodstock   65ft x 95ft Britespan fabric cover building


Vuteq Canada Inc   180m2 Addition to Existing Industrial Building


Viewcon Construction   Site Servicing for Future Industrial Building $30,000.00
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada   Addition of 9 Truck Loading Docks $1,500,000.00
Pneuveyor Real Estate Corporation   1,115m2 Single-Storey Industrial Building $1,200,000.00
Seagrave Developments   Foundation for new Industrial Building $15,000.00
Viewcon Construction   Foundation for 961m2 Industrial Building $40,000.00
Seagrave Developments   Shell Permit for new 550sq.m. Industrial Building $95,000.00
Viewcon Construction   Shell Permit for new 961sq. m. Industrial Building $360,000.00
1510461 Ontario Inc.   Demo, reconstruction of fire damaged area $100,000.00
2511396 Ontario Inc.   FNDN for phase 3 of cold storage building $65,000.00
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada   Interior alterations for new team room $150,000.00
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada   Interior alterations for new team room $100,000.00
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada   Interior alterations for new chassis room $200,000.00
R&D Ward   Interior renovations for new spray paint booth $58,000.00
Bridgestone Firestone   Repair and installation of roof trusses $70,000.00
2016 Totals 85,740    $18,696,114.44