Woodstock Economic Advisory Committee

The Woodstock Economic Development Advisory Committee (WEDAC) was formed to implement development and marketing programs leading to balanced and steady economic growth through existing and new investment. The two main goals of the committee are to attract new business to the community and to ensure that existing businesses prosper and expand with the objective of creating new employment opportunities and tax assessment. WEDAC's mandate includes the following:

  • Monitoring the Economic Development strategies approved by City Council
  • Reporting to Council on the Department's performance against objectives
  • Reviewing the Department's annual operating budget to ensure it coincides with the approved strategies
  • Provide support on specific opportunities and challenges when requested by City Council, the Economic Development Department and other stakeholders in Economic Development, and
  • Advocating on behalf of the business community regarding policies from all levels of government which may be seen as being beneficial or detrimental to business retention and attraction.

WEDAC members also act as "ambassadors for the community" with resources as developed by Council. The committee members serve a three year term, to coincide with the term of Council.

The members are appointed by City Council and are composed of:

  • One representative from the Chamber of Commerce
  • One representative from the Woodstock Business Improvement Area
  • One member of Council and the Mayor of the current term
  • A minimum of six members at large from the Woodstock area that may include representation to be selected from various sectors of the community such as but not exclusive to education, medical, legal, real estate, large auto parts, medium sized manufacturing, small manufacturing, construction, commercial and banking